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  • Mission

    To produce excellent clutches, to provide satisfied service, to form specific competitive and to promote industrial progress

  • Future

    First-rate enterprise, industrial standard

  • Values

    Integrity, profession, innovation, win-win

  • Consensus

    Earnest leads to our achievements.

  • Management model

    Troop, school, family

  • Faith

    To be a honest and dependable person Overall every control and clear To keep progress every day, many a little makes a mickle Customers’ satisfaction is our pursuit Accomplishment for individual, care for family and benefits for society


If you have any comments about our products or suggestions.You can call the service hotline.

Service Hotline:400-8818-606

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Address:No1. 7th Xingwan Road, Hongwan, Zhuhai, China 519060

Tel:+86-756-6299000 / 8819200

Fax:+86-756-8819218 / 8819209

Email:cncoem@cncdt.com.cn / neixiao@cncdt.com.cn


Our service hotline.